For regular manual labour in EEA countries

Szaki EEK Annual Pass
Why to choose this product?
  • Coverage for physical work performed in the framework of vocational practice organized by an educational institution
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Reasonable fee for a long term stay abroad
  • Coverage for travel and accomodation costs of the visitor (if the Insured gets hospitalized abroad)
  • 24 hour services
  • Full range of accident, illness and baggage insurance services
What supplements to choose?
Depending on the mode of the journey, Autó Plusz or Repülő Plusz supplement is recommended for vehicle assistance.
Who is it for?
For EHIC-owners who travel to EEA countries on a regular basis to do manual labour (up to 60 day long / occasion).
How much does it cost?
What services are included?
Why to choose us?
EUB is an expert, Hungary’s only insurer specialized in travel insurances. Several decades of know-how and stable financial background guarantee the outstanding quality of our fast and professional assistance and claim settlement services.
How to take out?
Online, 24 hours a day, payment by credit card.

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